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School of Remote Work

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the traditional constraints of education and employment are being reshaped. As the world embraces remote work opportunities, there arises a pressing need for individuals to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in this new paradigm.

At our school of remote work, we are passionate about driving gainful remote employment for individuals globally.

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Why Us?

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Globally Recognized Double Certificate

Our school offers industry-standard certifications and credentials recognized in the remote work landscape.

Remote Job Placement

We offer comprehensive remote job placement ​services to assist learners in finding remote job ​opportunities aligned with their career goals.

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Remote Work Lab

Our dedicated remote work labs provide learners with access to the latest tools, software, and technologies used in remote work environments.

Remote working is on the rise

Virtual Learning Platform

Our virtual learning platform is designed with interactive features to replicate the experience of an in-person classroom in a remote setting.

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Expert Instructor Network

We have a network of expert instructors who are seasoned professionals in their respective fields and have extensive experience in remote work environments.

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Live Learning Sessions

Unlike onsite learning, which requires students to adhere to rigid schedules and geographical constraints, live classes can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our Department

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Department of No-Code Tech

This offers a range of programmes focusing on harnessing technology without the need for coding skills. From product management to social media management, learners acquire practical skills to excel in remote roles that leverage no-code tools.

Big Data

Department of Data

This offers specialized courses in data science, data engineering, and data analysis. From predictive modeling to data visualization, learners gain proficiency in extracting insights and making data-driven decisions remotely.

Career development and leadership concept

Department of Business Development and Operations

This offers a diverse range of courses covering digital marketing, executive assistance, virtual assistance, sales and marketing, lean business management, and domain flipping mastery.

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Department of Designs

Cultivating creativity and design skills are essential for remote design roles. From product design to graphics design, learners explore user-centric design principles and digital tools to create visually appealing and user-friendly products remotely.

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Department of Code Tech

Learners delve into coding languages, cloud platforms, and cybersecurity protocols, preparing them for remote roles in software engineering, cloud architecture, and cybersecurity analysis.

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Department of Remote Job Preparation and Placement

With a focus on remote work skills development, this department empowers individuals to secure remote job opportunities aligned with their career aspirations.

The Journey of Getting a Certificate That Transcends Border Begins Here!

Our School of Remote Work Is Passionate About Driving Gainful Remote Employment For Individuals Globally

Invest In Our Talents and Earn 50% R.O.I

In 24 months!

Enjoy tech money even without having a tech knowledge

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our impact



Earnings reported by alumnis in 2023



Graduates trained in top-tier remote work skills



Individuals impacted for decent jobs & economic growth



Women and 20% men {Driving Inclusion for the vulnerables}



African Countries

What Past Students Are Saying


How long will it take to get remote job?

We don't promise jobs.

However we often have paid internships for our brightest stars!

You'd be taught procedures & strategies to be followed consistently to be able to land an offer like the ones we share on our pages.

It's important they are followed to get desired results within the shortest possible time!

What is the duration of the programmes?

All our programmes run ​for 8 weeks

Classes are combination ​of live and recorded ​classes and are made ​available every time you ​need to fall back on ​them.

I'm already skilled and only need remote job, what do I need to do?

Our department of remote job preparation avails you all the strategies you need to have in place to compliment what you already know in order to get your desired results in shortest possible time.

Do I get a certificate after I'm done?

Yes, we issue globally recognised certificates to our top talents who have proven themselves by doing their assessments.

As a full-time school of remote work student, you get a double certificate to showcase the series of professional studies you've undergone

How Can I Apply For Admission?

Scroll up and click on ​View Available ​Programmes or Apply ​Now button.


Call us ​+2349131217602

When is the next cohort/session?

Class starts August 3rd, ​2024; for all our ​programmes

Check our Programmes ​page for more ​information.

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