According to many sources from the web, including the world work marketplace, Upwork, The table below shows the high-paying skills to consider when you are ready to earn in dollars or other foreign currencies through remote work. These skills have been discovered as being among the highly sought-after skills with long-lasting remote careers, starting from 2019 to this moment (2023) and for some years to come.

High-Paying Skills Average salary/hourly payment Sources
Software Engineer $87,797 Average salary Payscale.com
Project manager $88,789 Average salary Payscale.com
Digital Marketing $68,219 Average Salary Payscale.com
Business Analysis $70,097 Average salary Payscale.com
Content Writer $61,325 Average salary Payscale.com
Virtual Assistant $12 and $20 Per Hour Upwork
Web designer $15 and $30 Per Hour Upwork
Social Media Manager $14 and $35 Per Hour Upwork
Data Analysis $20 and $50 Per Hour Upwork
Product Design $20 to $50 Per Hour Upwork

While other high-paying skills may interest you, you can preferably check on the web to discover more.

However, there is a point of note to always remember as someone who is either a fresher/entry-level, intermediate, or professional in your skill mastery. Remote work does not dismiss your level of expertise. On the contrary, remote jobs undoubtedly fit into your level category, the earlier you pick up a skill to learn, the earlier you earn and the merrier you become as you advance in your skill expertise.

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